Training & Development

  Make Training & Development More Enjoyable For Employees With These Tips

We've all been there, sitting in a training & development meeting at work, trying the best we can to keep our eyes open. While some corporate training sessions are not done well, others are enticing, keeping you on the edge of your seat (really). At Apex, we're here to help you step up your human resource management training & development to draw your employees into your training in a way that helps them retain the information they've learned. Whether you're in the middle of planning a training seminar or you're thinking forward to the future of corporate training as your business expands, keep these tips in mind to help you run training that is entertaining and make sense.

Get your people up and moving. You'll hear moans and groans, but a little bit of movement is a great way to energize a room. This doesn't have to mean forcing people into group work - simply providing coffee and snacks in a room adjacent to the meeting room is a great way to boost the mood and get people's blood flowing.

Recognize contributions. Open up the discussion at several points during the meeting, and show appreciation to people who contribute valuable information. This will help more people want to participate and can increase engagement and participation throughout your corporate training session.

As for feedback. This can be tough, but it's necessary if you want to improve your corporate training skills. Give your participants time to give you their feedback. Try not to make feedback an afterthought. Offering a prize for fully completed feedback forms (through a random drawing) is a great way to entice people to actually fill out the entire thing. Take this feedback to heart. At the start of your next corporate training session, talk with your employees about the feedback you got, and tell them how you're incorporating it into the current training.

Do your research. Human resource management is constantly changing and staying on top of trends to get people involved in meetings is a surefire way to keep things fresh. A few times a year, search for new ways to boost employee engagement in meetings and give some strategies a whirl. While not everything will be a good fit, you're sure to find some tactics that speak to your employees, and no matter what, they'll appreciate the change of pace.

The fact that you're researching ways to improve employee engagement in training sessions shows that you're a leader who cares about your workers. If you're ready to take your human resource management to the next level, reach out to Apex today. We'll be able to provide you with the tools you need to make your employees shine.