Seven ways Apex HRO can promote and protect your culture.

Company culture can be defined as a shared set of values, attitudes, goals and practices that characterize an organization. It’s the way people feel about the work they do, the values they share, an understanding of the direction the company is going in, and what they are doing to take it there. Those in the work force will spend more than a third of their lives at work, and if they share common beliefs and attitudes and are aligned with the culture, they will be more likely to dedicate themselves to their jobs and stay for the long haul.

Here are seven reasons why partnering with Apex HRO can help your organization promote and protect your company culture:

1. Recruitment: finding the right people is challenging. Competition to hire the best talent is extremely high in the current employee-driven market and while it’s important to seek out those unicorn employees, it’s also important for that unicorn to want to work for you. Apex HRO can help write those enticing, yet realistic, job descriptions and offers an effective and efficient sourcing and applicant tracking system that is easy to learn and use.

2. Onboarding: After you have won that unicorn employee, don’t slack off and throw that person to the wolves! First impressions matter and having a sleek and easy to use HRIS will help get started on the right foot. Apex HRO will help your new employee feel welcome and get a sense of your company’s vision, values and goals. This helps a new employee gain confidence and role clarity, drives social interaction with new peers and instills understanding of the company culture. The ramp up time is shortened because the new employee quickly gains understanding of their role and duties.

3. Policies and Procedures: While some policies are a matter of compliance and managing risk, others should be designed so that they contribute to building culture and create an atmosphere where everyone feels like they are contributing to the larger company goals. Apex HRO can help your company develop comprehensive policies and procedures that ensure compliance and build an atmosphere where employee talent will flourish.

4. Training: Nothing drives employee engagement more than training. It matters when it comes to new hires as well as employees who have been with you for a long time. You want to develop talent so they can reach their full potential, learn new skills, become more effective leaders and continue to support business growth. Apex HRO will help you develop and deliver training programs for individuals and teams that improve production, efficiency and processes.

5. Benefits: When it comes to total compensation, a benefits package plays a seriously critical role in promoting culture and attracting and retaining talent. Benefits are typically second only to payroll in regards to total company spending. An ASO such as Apex HRO can help you understand the market and develop a competitive package through the use of data and bench marking. Apex HRO will help you choose a broker and negotiate a strong package, and then we will provide full administration services on your behalf. This includes benefits orientation and enrollment (for new hires and open enrollment season), and handling all of the various tasks related to payroll and billing. Employers who are considered Applicable Large Employers and therefore fall under ACA requirements find this service extremely valuable because we can help make sense of the laws and regulations and ensure your organization is fully compliant. Another important benefits component the ability to offer a retirement plan. Apex HRO has partnered with Slavik 401k which greatly simplifies offering this important benefit to your employees.

6. HR Administration: Business owners and office managers are very familiar with the complexities of managing payroll, benefits, billing, 401k administration, payroll tax filing and a myriad of other ‘to-dos’ plus handling employee issues. This can take considerable time away from trying to run a business and this is where an ASO can really help a business move past the surviving phase and into the growth phase. Apex HRO can take on this burden and ensure everything is running smoothly while promoting a strong and inclusive culture.

7. Compliance: Keeping up with labor laws, ensuring payroll is run on time and taxes are paid, minimizing risk and staying compliant with safety regulations are essential aspect for any business. We are experts in compliance and will quickly make you aware of any potential issues and provide easy to implement solutions that can save you money and avoid culture-destroying events that are very difficult to recover from.

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