Benefits of an ASO partnership for businesses dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses that are partnered with an ASO, such as Apex HRO, have found themselves better equipped to deal with this unprecedented COVID-19 situation. We have a wealth of information and advice available to at no charge, with access to our specialists in the fields of HR, compliance, benefits and payroll.

Here’s how businesses are benefiting from partnering with Apex HRO during the COVID-19 outbreak:

HR and compliance advice

From the start, when COVID-19 first began rearing its ugly head in the U.S., we have been inundated with calls for HR advice. Here are some common questions we’ve received during the crisis:

  • “How can I keep my workforce safe in a compliant and financially viable way?”

  • “What should I do if an employee tested positive for COVID-19?”

  • “Will layoffs or furloughs get me into legal trouble?”

  • “Do I have any other options to help keep my business afloat other than laying off employees?”

With a significant portion of America’s workforce working remotely, and the difficult decisions regarding terminating employees have mostly been made, our expert HR representatives have been receiving different sorts of calls, such as:

  • “How do I support my team while they are working remotely?”

  • “Can I expect productivity while my employees are working from home?”

  • “How can I help my employees feel like part of the team?

Our advice is helping remotely run small businesses weather the storm.

Assistance with government relief programs

When the federal and state governments began offering relief programs, business owners who are partnered with an ASO were the first to become aware of the programs available to them and how to access these programs. We realized the responsibility this crisis was presenting to us, and we sprang into action, helping current and prospective clients make sense of the many programs available and their rules for eligibility. We shared information rich with resources, and summarized intricate regulations, provided links to application forms, and other COVID-19 relief resources.

Day by day, the rules of these relief programs are evolving, necessitating constant updates on these newly built sites. Apex is here to ensure that clients are getting the most up-to-date information. We are on call, offering advice on which action plan is best suited for each individual client and ensuring that they have the documents needed to apply for relief.

Paperwork headaches eliminated

When it comes to the headache of filling out forms, especially government forms, and making sure they are done correctly, most people are happy to pass the on responsibility. Terminations, furloughs, unemployment claims and COBRA administration are all carried out on the clients’ behalf (unfortunately, a common occurrence at this time).

Education and Resources

Apex will continue to host webinars and virtual training sessions ranging in topics from mental health, COBRA, government relief programs, and to help the impact of this crisis on our clients be as minimal as possible.

For those CEOs reading this who are already partnered with an ASO, I hope this article has managed to raise your spirits at this difficult time, with the knowledge that you have made the right choice. And for those readers that have not yet opted to join an ASO, this article may just be the proof you need that an ASO partnership is the way to go, and that you will consider Apex HRO as your go-to provider.

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