Payroll Processing

  Payroll Processing: How It Works

The concept of payroll processing is simple: it involves using a payroll system that pays your employees the right amount, on time, and with no errors. Having a solid payroll system is vital for ensuring that your employees are fairly compensated for their work, but payroll processing goes much further than simply cutting a check. Let's take a look at the nuances of a payroll system, and all the weight that working with a payroll processing company can take off your shoulders.

When you work with a payroll system, you won't have to burden your accounting department with figuring out all the taxes for each employee paycheck. Taking taxes out of paychecks can be a tedious process, and there's little room for error. Each employee's preferences determine the amount of taxes that will be taken out, and it's important that you work with a payroll processing company that can quickly and easily do these calculations for you.

A payroll processing company will also take note of how your employees want to receive their paychecks. Some employees prefer to receive paper checks either at work or in the mail, while others prefer to receive direct deposit. We'll work with you to ensure that your employees are getting their money on time, in the delivery system of your choice. We're also able to add and deduct from paychecks as needed for expenses, bonuses, and more.

An experienced certified payroll specialist who understands the complexities of every state is assigned to every client. Using our modern and sleek software platform that is both user-friendly and highly adaptable, we will ensure payrolls are run on time and error-free. No special equipment is required and Apex HRO will handle check printing and delivery for those employees who do not use direct deposit.


We can easily handle complex tax jurisdictions, wage garnishments and support orders, and offer special access to banking partners that allow employees access to payroll funds up to two days prior to the scheduled payday with no additional cost or risk to the business (special conditions apply). 

When you choose a payroll processing company, you need to work with someone with a proven track record of dependability and success. At Apex, we're here to provide you with the reliable service you need to get everything paycheck related done right. We always answer any question and will never direct you to a website to find an answer on your own. 

Apex HRO provides full administration services that include:

  • Money Movement

  • Direct deposit bank file transmittal

  • Easy to understand payroll invoices

  • Flexible billing terms that suit your needs

For those clients that already have an employee handling payroll, we are more than happy to provide our software for a nominal cost. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about our payroll processing services.